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One of the plastic & polymer manufacturing companies in Brasilwas dissatisfied with the inaccuracies of measuring devices they were using for skirted silos. Customerwas considering a system which could provide higher accuracy. The material in the silos -in this case, was polymer granules which were pneumatically conveyed to the injection moulding machines in the plant. The plant manager contacted Thames Side Sensors to provide an appropriate solution for precise measurement of the material stored in the silos . 

                              Brasil 1                           brasil 2

                           Fig. 1 -Skirted silos used for storing Polymer granules.                         Fig. 2 -Pneumatic Conveying discharge system

Thames Side Sensors suggested the use of VC3500 load cells with their patented MasterMount® assembly for reliable and accurate results. The MasterMount® has primarily been designed for easy, safe, simple installation and removal of the load cell without the aid of specialist tools, jack or other equipment. The special design also avoids the need to use dummy cells whilst any welding or other work is being undertaken on the vessel. It can be done in only a few minutes, resulting in large savings in terms of time and costs.

The high specification double ended stainless steel loadcell model VC3500 weresupplied along with MasterMount® assembly. Theseload cell and patented assembly combination aredelivering excellent results in terms of accuracy and ease of maintenance.

Client’s Testimonial: The equipment after installation and calibration presented asensational performance in addition to its ease of maintenance.

Engineer Eduardo Bongiovanni

Engineering manager,

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