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World Leaders in Load Cells and Unique Weighing Assemblies for Silo, Vessel and Process Weighing

Instrumentation / Electronics

Our comprehensive range of weighing instrumentation offers you a high quality, cost effective and purpose-designed solution to a wide range of industrial and process weighing applications.  Our price/quality ratio is optimised to give the best functionality without exceeding your budget.

You can be assured of rugged build quality, reliability, high performance, fast setup and ease of use.

Several options are available:

Communication protocols available:

CE-mark-transparent  All of Thames Side Sensors' junction boxes and electronics products manufactured since July 2014 are RoHS 2 compliant.

To create a complete weighing system, Thames Side also offers an extensive range of load cells and complete weighing assemblies; this ensures that optimum performance is achieved in all weighing applications.

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Junction Boxes

  • 4 or 8 load cell versions, IP66
  • ABS, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • Trimming potentiometer options
  • ATEX approved options
  • Options with built-in lightning surge arrestors
  • Digital load cell options
  • Intelligent Junction Box for continuous load cell signal monitoring

Amplifiers and Transmitters

  • With or without a digital display
  • Analogue outputs and relay set points
  • OIML R76, EN 45501 (NAWI), CE approvals
  • Optional PROFIBUS, PROFINET, MODBUS, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet/IP interfaces
  • Models with built-in check-weigher function
  • DIN/Omega rail, Panel or Surface mount
Smart weight indicator

Weight Indicators

  • Bright LED digital displays
  • Analogue (analog) output options for connection to a PLC
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, MODBUS communications
  • ATEX approvals
  • OIML R76, EN 45501 (NAWI) and CE approvals
  • Set points

Legal-for-trade Approved

  • OIML R76, EN 45501 (NAWI)
  • ATEX approved version (SMART)
  • Dedicated firmware for truck scales/weighbridges, check weigher, batching, filling, loss-in-weight etc.
  • Analogue outputs and relay set points
  • Optional PROFIBUS, PROFINET, MODBUS, RS232, RS485, Ethernet/IP interfaces
  • DIN/Omega rail, Panel or Surface mount
Smart atex weight indicator

ATEX Approved

  • Junction boxes for all zones (aluminium)
  • Stainless steel indicators
  • With OIML R76 and EN 45501 (NAWI) approvals

Cable and Accessories

  • Special durable Polyurethane cable
  • Remote Displays
  • Load cell tester with intelligent diagnostics
  • Load cell signal simulator

Discontinued Instrumentation

  • XT950
  • XT1200
  • XT1500
  • X320
  • R400
  • DAT400 / DAT500
  • And other models

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