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Thames Side Sensors Ltd. - Privacy and Cookie Policy


Privacy Policy in Brief

Thames Side Sensors is committed to protecting your privacy and has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the website at URL: https://www.thames-side.com

Thames Side Sensors will not disclose or sell any visitors’ information to third parties.

Any information that you provide us with, whether it is business or personal information (such as your name or address), cannot be seen by third parties.

This site may contain links to other, third party websites; Thames Side Sensors Limited is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

This privacy statement is not presented as a legally binding contract.


More detail

Information that we may collect and use

There are sections in our website where we may ask you to add your personal information in order to gain access to documents, or to be able to download various items, or to make contact with Thames Side Sensors. Any information you provide will remain the secured property of Thames Side Sensors Limited. Under no circumstances will it be sold or rented to any third party. Thames Side Sensors may, however, use your contact information to send you any information you have specifically requested or any other information or news about our company and services. Your details may be used in an aggregated form for marketing analysis of our website traffic.

In addition to any personal information you may provide, Thames Side Sensors Limited may, on occasion use software or other tools that enable the collection of relevant technical information, for example the IP (Internet Protocol) address, the operating system used on your computer, the brand and version of web browser used for accessing our website, various traffic patterns, as well as the address of any referring websites. Thames Side Sensors Limited always traces how a visitor arrives at the Thames Side Sensors website, however we will never attempt to gather information from websites that you have visited prior to visiting the Thames Side Sensors website.

Use of personal information

Thames Side Sensors may use your personal information for the following purposes;

  • To enable you to use the site without repeatedly entering passwords or login details
  • To provide information or services that you have requested
  • To help us manage and evaluate our content, to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to you
  • To alert you to company news, product upgrades, other new information and new products & services from Thames Side Sensors Limited

Hyperlinks to other websites

  • Thames Side Sensors Limited may provide links on our site that direct to external, third party websites (which are always secured sites where possible)
  • We have no control over the content other sites, nor the usage of information they gather
  • We recommend that you always review the privacy policies of any third party sites you visit; they may not follow the same policies as us

Opting Out

This website provides visitors with an opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our partners at each point where we request information about the visitor.

The site gives visitors the opportunity to discontinue receiving future communications by any of the following means:

  • Send an e-mail to our team indicating your request to be unsubscribed from a specific mailing list.  You can send an email to sales[at]thames-side.co.uk
  • Notify us in writing at the following address: Thames Side Sensors Limited, Unit 10, io Trade Centre, Deacon Way, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 6AZ, England
  • Call us on this telephone number: +44 (0) 118 941 1387

Our Use of Cookies

The Thames Side Sensors website cookie

The Thames Side Sensors website uses a “session cookie” to identify your browser “session” as you move between pages on the website and perform activities. The cookie is named "c2thamesside_h9ddway4jv1" and will last for 3 months.

The website cookie allows our website to recognise each subsequent request from your browser as being the same browser that made the initial request to our website.

By knowing that each subsequent request is related to the first, our website can track your actions as you move around the website and therefore provide you with interactive features personalised for you. By analysing how our website is being used in general, we can improve the website experience for future visitors. Should you experience any problems in using our website, our website developers may be able to use this information to track down your specific “user journey” in order to investigate and solve any problems that may arise.

The cookie itself is a very small text file that is stored on your device (for example, your PC or your phone) by your web browser. It contains a simple text code that your browser sends back to our website each time you browse to a new page. This allows the website to look up your specific session and associate data for that session with your browser. The data itself is not stored in your cookie but on the server(s) operating the website.

Each page on our website is generated by a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS). This system provides a number of interactive features where your experience may be tailored according to your past activity on the website to improve your browsing experience. Such features require the “session cookie” to operate.

The session cookie provides the ability for you to log on to our website using your unique user name (or e-mail address) and password.

Each page on our website may be tailored to you uniquely, based on your past activity on the website, for example to show your name, in order to provide a more personalised browsing experience.

The session cookie provides the means to remember your log on state and hence your discussion forum preferences, such as your nickname and the date of your last post (where applicable).

The session cookie provides the means for you to take part in votes (or polls) on the website (where applicable).

The session cookie provides the means to remember that you have submitted a form so that you are not asked to re-submit it.

The session cookie provides the means to remember whether you have ‘liked' our Facebook page (where applicable).

As we improve our website over time, similar and more advanced features may be added that also require a “session cookie” to operate.

Google Analytics

The Thames Side Sensors website uses cookies to allow Google Analytics to function correctly. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that helps us understand how visitors engage with the Thames Side Sensors website. These cookies have names that begin with "__utm" such as "__utma" and "__utmz".

Google Analytics collects information anonymously; it reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. The cookies store information such as the number of visits to the website and which site referred the visitor to the web page. We use the information to view reports about how visitors interact with the website and this helps us to improve the website and the user experience. A different set of cookies is used for each website, and visitors are not tracked across multiple websites.

Information about these cookies, and how to reject or delete them, can be viewed at:


To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, please visit:


Google’s privacy policy can be found here:


How to control and delete cookies:

You may restrict or block the cookies that are set by the Thames Side Sensors website, or any other website, via your browser settings.

To find out more about cookies and how to manage them, please visit:


Please be aware that restricting cookies may negatively impact the functionality of this website and your resulting browsing experience.

Local Shared Objects (Flash Cookies)

The Thames Side Sensors website uses Adobe Flash Player to provide video content. Local Shared Objects (commonly known as Flash Cookies) may be used to improve user experience, for example to save your playback preferences. Flash Cookies are similar to cookies, however they are managed differently.

How to disable Flash Cookies:

Information on how to disable and delete Flash Cookies is provided on the Adobe website at:


Please be aware that restricting Flash Cookies may negatively impact your browsing experience on this website.


If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy, please Contact Us for further information.


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