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World Leaders in Load Cells and Unique Weighing Assemblies for Silo, Vessel and Process Weighing

Weighing Assemblies - up to 5,000kg (5t) capacity

Thames Side's range of weighing assemblies offers design engineers, scale manufacturers and site engineers the most advanced weighing assembly technology. Thanks to our industrial experience spanning more than 40 years, you can be sure that if you specify Thames Side weighing assemblies then you are selecting unique solutions that provide the best quality/price ratio. We offer the following models of weighing assembly up to 5,000kg (5 tonnes) capacity per assembly.

For applications where vibration or mixing/agitation may otherwise have an influence on the load cell output, the LA66 and LA85 anti-vibration weighing assemblies are ideal solutions to limit the transmission of that vibration through to the load cell. The T95 pendulum style weighing assembly will allow significant movement of a vessel or tank with mixing/agitation while maintaining high accuracy weight measurement.

If you are searching for the best available silo and tank weighing assemblies, the LeverMount® Lite, LeverMount® and MasterMount® are unrivalled, patented solutions with ease of installation and mechanical integrity at the heart of their design. They combine high accuracy weighing performance with extremely low cost of ownership.

For gravimetric level measurement applications in tanks or silos, or where cost is the critical factor, the T20 weighing assembly combination is ideal solution with a low profile (low height).

CE-mark-transparent  All of our weighing assemblies manufactured since July 2014 are RoHS 2 compliant.

To create a complete weighing system, Thames Side also offers an extensive range of junction box options and high precision measuring electronics; this ensures that optimum performance is achieved in all weighing applications.

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LA66 Anti-Vibration Assembly (5kg - 300kg)

  • For vibrating or mixer/agitator applications
  • 5kg to 300kg
  • OIML C3 or C6
  • IP68/IP69K
  • ATEX
Lever mount weighing assembly

LeverMount® Lite (5kg - 200kg)

  • For general weighing applications
  • Stainless steel load cell with Grade 316 mounting accessory
  • 5kg to 200kg
  • OIML C3 or C6
  • IP68/IP69K, ATEX
LA66 Tension

LA66 Tension (5kg - 300kg)

  • For tension applications with the T66 load cell
  • 5kg to 300kg
  • OIML C3 or C6
  • IP68/IP69K
  • ATEX
LA85 Anti-Vibration Assembly

LA85 Anti-Vibration Assembly (300kg - 10,000kg)

  • For vibrating or mixer/agitator applications
  • 300kg to 10,000kg
  • OIML C3
  • IP68/IP69K
  • ATEX
 Lever mount stainless steel weighing assembly

LeverMount® (300kg - 5,000kg)

  • For general weighing applications
  • Stainless steel load cell with Grade 316 mounting accessory
  • 300kg to 5,000kg
  • OIML C3
  • IP68/IP69K with 350i load cell
  • ATEX

T20 Compression Assembly (1,000kg to 5,000kg)

  • For silo/tank/vessel Weighing or gravimetric level measurement
  • Stainless steel load cell; zinc plated or stainless steel mounting accessory
  • Cost effective solution
  • 1,000kg to 30,000kg capacity range
  • IP68/IP69K
  • ATEX
T95 weighing assembly

T95 'Pendulum' Assembly (2,000kg and 5,000kg)

  • For mixer/agitator, weigh-in-motion (WIM) and axle weighing applications
  • Stainless steel load cell with painted or stainless steel 'pendulum' mounting accessory
  • 2,000kg to 10,000kg capacity range
  • OIML C3 up to 10,000kg
  • IP68/IP69K, ATEX, IECEx
MasterMount Weighing Assemblies

MasterMount® (2,000kg and 5,000kg)

  • For silo/tank/vessel weighing applications - UNIQUE design
  • Stainless steel load cell; painted alloy steel mounting accessory
  • 2,000kg to 30,000kg capacity range
  • IP68/IP69K

Discontinued Weighing Assemblies up to 5,000kg

  • LA90 with T90 load cell
  • LA92 with T92 load cell
  • LA93 with T93 load cell
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