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New stainless steel shear beam with blind hole - model T85-T. OIML C3 approval, IP68, IP69K

 Jan 2017


Thames Side has released a new model T85-T shear beam load cell with a blind loading hole (T-end) that is ideal for use in high accuracy platform scales.  It is manufactured from stainless steel and approved to OIML R60 3000 divisions (C3) as standard.

This replaces the previous 350Ti model of shear beam.

The T85-T is available at capacities from 300kg to 2000kg (specifically 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000kg) with a 6-core screened Polyurethane cable.  It is the ideal load cell for the construction of problem-free, "fit-and-forget" platform scales for harsh applications (such as humid, wash-down environments).

The blind loading hole allows the load to be applied to the load cell on its "neutral axis", which helps to minimise the effects of any side loads. This ensures optimum measuring accuracy.

ATEX approval is available for all zones, with the protection mode 'ta' allowing use in dust zones 20, 21, 22 without safety barriers - which permits a large cost saving compared with other protection modes such as 'ia'.

The T85-T can be used at extremes of temperature, from -30 to +70 degrees C; therefore it is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications without the need for our special high temperature option.  However, for applications requiring use at continuous temperatures of up to +150 degrees this optional version is available.

As with many of our other load cells, this has a Five (5) Year Warranty against manufacturing defects as a stamp of the confidence we have in our high quality, modern manufacturing processes and individual load cell compensation. We load-test, optimise and compensate every single load cell individually before it is allowed to pass our stringent quality checks.

Our standard industry-leading Polyurethane cable is of course included, which ensures much better cable protection than the industry standard PVC cable in in environments subject to stringent cleaning requirements using harsh chemicals.  Protection to IP68/IP69K is assured due to the fully welded and hermetically sealed design that is suitable for wash-down cleaning processes using pressurised hot water.  These cleaning processes are often employed in processing facilities for fish, poultry and meat - such as slaughterhouses.

For extremely demanding applications, where strong chemicals (e.g salt environments) and stress corrosion are a concern, we can supply this load cell with a special Parylene coating that protects the load cell and significantly increases its working lifetime.  Contact us for further details about this.

If you would like further information about this benchmark high accuracy T-end shear beam load cell, or its possible use in your application, Contact Us now.


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